Tourism in Indonesia

Tourism in IndonesiaAs I am living in Indonesia since birth, I really admire its beauty with heart & soul.  I have grown up playing & roaming in the beautiful archipelago of this exotic country, there are so many places and so many things to do while staying here, I personally like the trekking spots here, if you are so much into trekking & adventure stuff, along with exotic landscapes, which makes it a perfect destination for honeymoons.

Here are some of my favorite spots down here, which you must visit if you are coming to Indonesia

Orangutans feeding center in Borneo

This famous orangutan centre was established, back in 1973 at that time I used to go there at least once in a month with my Dad, & whenever I talk or go there it gives me the nostalgia as I have spent so much quality time there with my dad.  If you enjoy watching animals in their natural habitat, then you must add this place to your visiting list, there is a platform that is made by the authorities from which you can relish the fun of feeding the monkeys.

Dragons & Volcanoes of Indonesia

The archipelago of Indonesia is rugged apart from others. This part of Indonesia is fairly diverse from other exotic places, if the thundering voices of cracking volcanoes really excite you, then you must visit this part of Indonesia. Talking about me, I am not very much into volcanoes, but I do adore the giant exotic lizards (Komodo) of here.

Gili Islands

I had my first drink here on the beaches of Gili, me and my friends from college used to bunk the classes and spent the whole day here on the lonely paradise. If you want to spend a memorable evening with your loved one, it is the place for you. You can simply lay by on the sand all day relaxing in complete isolation.

There are also many more exotic places & things to do, here in Indonesia, from which I will get you acquainted as I will be posting more & more frequently in future. So I hope you enjoy this glimpse of all things in Indonesia, and please e-mail me if you have any feedback. And if you have some time to spare check out my blog about australian online casinos, where I review some of the most important issues of aussie pokies.

Most Popular Sports of Indonesia

There are many popular sports in Indonesia. They are popular both as spectator aspect and participant aspect. Most popular sports in Indonesia are Football, Badminton, and Pencak Silat a form of Indonesian Martial Arts. From these Badminton is the most popular game here without any argument. You can understand the facts that from the time badminton is introduced in the Olympics in 1992, Indonesia won gold medals in each and every Olympic except this time in the 2012 London Olympics. Indonesia is a sports powerhouse of the Southeast region by winning Southeast Asian games 10 times from the time it started in 1977. Indonesia is also a popular place for the slots. I found this during my trip there last year.

Most Popular Sports of Indonesia

Badminton players of Indonesia played in many international tournaments around the globe and they return successfully from there. The Indonesian badminton players won most matches in Thomas Cup from all respective participating nations. They won 13 out of total 24 games happened. Indonesian badminton women team won Uber Cup Three times.  This means that not only man’s but women’s also passionate about badminton. Indonesia holds it’s most famous and prestigious tournament known as Indonesian cup which they are hosting since 1982.

Education System in Indonesia

Ministry of Education and CultureEducation System in Indonesia is responsible is responsible for all Education related terms in Indonesia. Ministries of religious affairs are also included in this they took the responsibility of Islamic schools.  All citizens in Indonesia have a compulsory education of nine years. In this span of nine years, six years is for elementary education and three years are for secondary education. In the constitution of Indonesia, two types of education are mentioned i.e. Non-formal and Formal.

Both government and private sectors are running schools in Indonesia. Some schools take their education facility beyond to the government requirements. They call them as National Plus Schools. They use English as their medium and they set their curriculum according to the international standards.  Leaving behind their old Indonesian culture they also want to modernization.

Every citizen of Indonesia has to attend twelve years of schooling. They can choose schools according to them. They can go to private schools, government schools or religious schools. In the schools, facilities of extracurricular activities are also provided. These activities include arts, sports, and religious activities. 86.1% of the citizens here are Muslims but only 15% attend the religious schools. The main motive of education here is to instruct the students that they can participate in world scenario, not imparting the secular wisdom on them.

Institutions of Higher education in Indonesia are also of two types i.e. Private and Public. These institutions are run under the supervision of the Ministry of National Education. The higher educational institutes grew here very quickly from the time of its independence. There are only 10 colleges in 1950. In which 6,500 students studied. That calculation goes to 450 with about 237,000 enrolled students. These numbers increase immensely in 1990 by 900 colleges and about 1.5 million students and about 141,000 teachers. That number rises up to 2,975 colleges and about 4.2 million students in 2009. 97% of the institutions here are privately owned. These private institutions are funded by the different foundations. The people enjoying slots also of the great interest which i read online. They prefer playing pokies in their free time. Many Malaysian students also come to Indonesia for education. Many of them are funded by the government of Malaysia. They come here to study pharmacy, engineering, literature, medicine, humanities and Islamic studies.