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As I am a person with Indonesian ascendance, I’ve always been very interested on indonesian news about politics, economics, and all things related.discover

Usually we hear a lot in the western world about asian countries, but we do so just to repeat the same stereotypes that we have. For example, we only hear about them when there is a civil war, some kind of social conflict, an economic crisis, or, well, anything bad really.

So it is my intention with this website to build a hub for news about Indonesia that actually reflect the reality of the country, its people, its traditions, because I think we can all learn a lot about them. For example in Australia, it is very common for people to be somewhat cold and reserved, which is why it surprised me when I traveled to Jakarta how warm people are. And the food is so colourful and tasty too.

And this is without even mentioning the amazing landscapes and friendly locals that are happy to welcome western tourists from all around. So I hope you enjoy this little sample of all things Indonesia, and email me if you have any feedback.

Another important issue I wanted to discuss in this blog is how crazy popular pokies are in Australia. I dont know why but aussies are the kind of people that will usually hit the pub, get a beer and go at the pokies. Also, a lot of them are now playing online, which with the growth and multi ubiquity of mobile devices, they have it a lot more accessible now.